Amber list – what’s changed & how to prove your vaccination status

BioGrad Diagnostics Restriction update- Amber list

From 4AM on the 19th of July, fully vaccinated UK residents arriving at English airports do not have to quarantine on arrival from amber list countries. However, there are some criteria that you must meet to qualify for this.

  1. You must have had both Covid-19 Vaccine doses – with your second administered at least 14 days prior to arrival back in the UK.

  2. This must be an NHS administered vaccine.

If you are returning from an amber list country, proof of vaccination status will be required to qualify for quarantine exemption, this can be obtained from the NHS, but must be requested in advance of your trip. You can request proof of vaccination 14 days after your second dose and there are different ways you can do this:

  1. A print letter

  2. A digital pass on the NHS app

Both are accepted forms of proof, although for the NHS app pass, individuals must already be registered for digital services. Print proof of vaccination can be requested through this link: Get your NHS COVID Pass letter – NHS (

The letter should arrive within 5 days of your request; however, it is advised by the NHS that you request this as early as possible to ensure this is received well in advance of your departure date.

Although you no longer have to quarantine on arrival back in the UK, you must still take a Pre-Travel and Day 2 test, and these can be purchased through our website. We now offer a specific option for vaccinated individuals to purchase an amber arrival service with only the day 2 test included, these can be purchased for postal or in clinic testing directly through the BioGrad Diagnostics website.

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